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What is Exchange server and what does our software do.

You can have your Outlook calendar on your pc and maybe in a web-browser (Outlook Web Access ) on a phone and maybe even on your tablet, ipad or Mac.
No matter what hardware you use, you always see your actual up-to-date Outlook calendar. This is because you are connected to an Exchange server.
That is where the information actually resides and you can look at it from different devices and locations. When you change something on your phone you change it in Exchange server.
When you then look at your calendar from your pc with Outlook
, you look at the data in Exchange server and see the changes done from your phone.

That Exchange server can be owned by your company and maintained by your company or you can rent some space on an Exchange server in the cloud.

Microsoft offers that "cloud" service with Office 365. So it's also just an Exchange Server (in fact lots of them) but you pay rent per user per month and Microsoft maintains it and makes sure that it works.
Our EGC software can work with all types and versions of Exchange server, both in-house or in the cloud. (in house there are different versions like exchange 2010,2013 etc.)
The group calendar software itself is best run from your company in house. It needs a 64 bit windows machine which is the standard nowadays. It then connects to the Exchange server, no matter where that server is located. If you can connect to it with your pc or phone, so can our software.
It is also possible to run the group calendar software in the cloud. For that you rent a virtual computer in the cloud and put the group calendar software on that. Microsoft Azure is an example of a cloud based virtual computer that you can rent to put the software on.

So what does our group calendar software (EGC) actually do.. ?

It is constantly monitoring the personal calendar of everyone in the company. When something changes, or is added, to a personal calendar or a group calendar, it checks it's settings and (when relevant) copies that item to a group calendar (or user calendar) instantly.
Those settings are a key feature. You can configure EGC to check the subject or category of the item, and if it contains the word "vacation", get it copied to a group calendar that only displays people's availability.

Configuring the software is all about what your team wants/needs to know to work together more efficiently.
You can create multiple group calendars that only show the information that you are interested in. Maybe a user has 1000 items this year in his calendar but only 5 items are visible in one of your group calendars because only those five items are relevant while the other 995 are about private or other non related subjects. (dentist, kids, sports etc)
The group calendar software can be configured to evaluate each item and if it is valuable for your team it copies it to a team calendar.

Fully integrated in Outlook
The group calendars will be visible under the Calendars section in Outlook
. if a user has the permissions to access them.

And some interesting extras

It has more features like making sure that everyone has the same categories, that you can push events into everyone's calendar without them having to accept invitations, changing colors of items, adding something to your (mobile) calendar and have that replicated to your fellow team members calendars etc. etc. but the key feature is that you are able to filter thru the clutter and get an overview of what is interesting.