Exchange Group Calendar Concepts

Condensed version of everything below

- If you are an admin user you can create a new item for all members of the group calendar by adding a * to the subject

- you can modify any item in the groupcalendar and it will replicate the change to the user's personal calendar
- you can delete any item by adding *X to the subject (and it deletes from the user calendars)

- Items from your calendar may replicate to a group calendar. Changes to the item in the group calendar will replicate back to the personal calendar.

- you can create an item in your personal calendar and add a * to the subject and it will replicate to all other members who have the same PGC setting. 
- you can change a team item and have the changes replicate to the members of your team by adding a * to the subject.
- you can delete such a team item from all calendars of your team by adding *X to the subject.
- you can create an item in your personal calendar and start the subject with #username# and that item will move to the user calendar of the selected user.

System administrator
- can define a central category list and color schema for all users.
- can optionally remove all categories from the user's Outlook and give them only the managed list to choose from.
- assigns users to one or more group calendars
- can assign users to one primary group calendar
- can set rules and filters to include or exclude items in/from an individual group calendar
- can assign a color/category to items created by individual users
- configures the meeting prefix
- configures privacy settings

Basic functionality for the ordinary member
Basic functionality for the admin users
Advanced functionality for ordinary members (users)
Advanced functionality for admin users. (actions in the group calendar)
Using filters (in the gcadmin console)
Master Category definition (in the gcadmin console)
Assign a color to all items in a group calendar from a user (in the gcadmin console)
Private items
Test script to see it all in action